44th Grape Bowl Classic-Saturday, November 5, 2022

Be a Spectator

For a most enjoyable and entertaining day, you, and your family, won't want to miss watching the competitions that make up the Grape Bowl Classic.


This year the Review is back at the Lodi Grape Bowl.  The Parade, will begin at Lawrence School and continue down North School Street.  The Jazz competition will be held at Lawrence School.  The Field Show takes place on the Football field in the Grape Bowl.


There is no charge to watch the Parade and Jazz competition. The awards presentation for the morning events are held early in the afternoon and there is not cost for admission to attend this Awards presentation.


There is an admission charge to watch the Field Show Competition.  The admission cost is $10.00 for general admission and children 10 and under are FREE.


At the East end of the Grape Bowl you will find, an wide array of food vendors, selling snack and food items at a very reasonable price. Souvenirs are also available at the Grape Bowl.